We're a bunch of corporate refugees who understand what it's like to try and do things differently when all you hear around the office is, "that's not the way we do things" We’re not consultants, we believe the answers are in the room… you just need help unleashing the beast. We help organisations create a real culture of innovation and we give them the skills & tools they need to live and breathe it everyday from the warehouse to the CEO. At the end of the day we're about innovation for profitable growth. We THINK DIFFERENTLY to help BIG BUSINESS GROW.

  • We love what we do & we believe in tough love at times. We’re completely upfront, honest and tell it like it is.
  • Innovation requires guts to be brave and use your intuition when you’re on to something.
  • Everyone can be innovative from the warehouse to the MD.
    You just need help unleashing the beast to make it happen.
  • It’s all about looking at things from a fresh perspective to gain inspiration for new ideas.
  • Our No.1 priority is ensuring you succeed in what ever that might be.


    • Innovation, Ideation &
    • Insights training
    • Leading for Innovation
  • Think Differently.HALF – 1 Day

    • Generate new ideas
    • Get my team thinking differently
    • Fresh thinking

    • NPD Projects
    • Renovation, Innovation & Invention
    • Special projects for Future Growth

Innovation Process

Throughout the Innovation Process “WHAT” you do is just as important as “HOW” you do it. You need to think differently and apply different skills at each stage of the process. We love working with HiPer CFTs (High Performing Cross Functional Teams) who naturally have these skill sets and then we build on it.

Innovation Behaviours

Our Raw Innovation Process ™ is all about getting the brief right, IMMERSING ourselves in to the world of consumers, uncovering ah-hah INSIGHTS, developing INNOVATIVE IDEAS that are JUDGED & tested with rigor followed by flawless EXECUTION. Our proven methodology is driven by customer insight and every step in the process informs the next.